Thursday, November 19, 2015

Count your bites?

No matter what, Thanksgiving is bound to make you gain weight. How much? A lot.
That wouldn't be so bad if after the meal, you went right back to a balanced diet.
From now until the new year, people will gain weight without really trying. So, how do you cope if you have dietary restrictions and need to watch your carbs or sugar and help your digestion absorb the onslaught of sweets and calories presented to us with a loving smile.

Here are some coping techniques:
1. Est regular meals each and every day. No starving before a banquet.
2. Switch to smaller plates at a big meal to keep your servings small.
3. Start and fill up on greens and salad helpings.
4. Drink wine diluted so a glass becomes 1/2 a glass
5. Provide sides that feature unusual combinations of greens so everyone is attracted to the new dish.

1 comment:

  1. Great suggestions, Rosaria! I so don't want to gain weight this holiday season. I'm going to print out your coping techniques and paste the page in my kitchen to help with saner decision making. Thanks so much!