Friday, April 8, 2011

Chinese food Frustration.

Every time I go to China Town, in any city where there is one, I'm a pilgrim, a devout soul in search of the heavenly host.  I'm awed and scared and flustered by Chinese foods.

I have tried to instruct myself, cookbooks, classes, television shows.
I've bought all the right ingredients at the right stores.
All I can do is accept my inadequacies.  I've no skills to draw from. 
All I know is this: I love Chinese food, but I can't prepare Chinese food.

So, if you folks out there know how to teach a novice in the arts and sciences of Chinese cooking, please pass it on. Share with me!

I will be forever thankful!


  1. I feel your pain! I have tried and there are a few dishes I make that I enjoy but it's more a chinese theme instead of true chinese. I do love, love chinese food though.

  2. I also share you sense of inadequacy in this department. So, I use it as an excuse to go out to eat in Chinatown!! We will be visiting Vancouver soon and that is one of the stops on our list of go-to places.

  3. I tried too and can only praise the patience of my Chinese friend and neighbor while I lived in London, but still prefer to either eat at her house or go to Chinatown when back there.

  4. There are a lot of Chinese foods I can't even begin to recreate in my kitchen, but I do stick to these couple of things when doing it on my own.
    1. Go for stir-fried veggies & rice... it's much more simple than it sounds (but make sure your heat is high enough so your veggies cook quickly w/out overcooking).
    2. Oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, ginger & garlic are your friends. Oh! and peanut oil. Just a touch lends that Asian flavor you can get in nothing else.
    3. I have *heard* (though haven't experimented thoroughly with) that freezing your cooked rice before you stir fry it (if you're going for fried rice instead of steamed) will keep your grains separate and whole without going mushy in the wok (or frying pan... I've never had a nice traditional wok).

    I'm no expert in this area, but I hope this helps!

    ~Angela w/ Devouring the Seasons